Automotive Deal Packs

By using cloud and mobile technologies, dealerships can now access their essential documents from any location, on any device, with ease.

Transforming Automotive Dealer Operations

Automotive dealerships are known to handle a high volume of documents. The customer lifecycle of each new vehicle sale generates a substantial number of documents. These high document volumes create challenges, especially when dealerships have multiple locations with staff requiring access to critical information.

Fortunately, modern technologies provide solutions to transform the business processes of automotive dealerships. With the use of cloud and mobile technologies, dealerships can access their critical documents from any location on any device.

For instance, FileBound's innovative Work Management Solution streamlines the process of managing Deal Packs. Dealership team members can effortlessly scan Deal Packs into FileBound's Cloud Solution using any Multifunction Device. Within minutes, these documents become available on any device from any location through FileBound Cloud, ensuring security and accessibility.

The accompanying diagram demonstrates how FileBound Cloud's Deal Pack solution operates.

Taking this one step further and partnering with Auto-IT, the FileBound Integration Platform will send across the deal pack file link, which is stored against the deal within Auto-IT.  This means when the user has the deal open in Auto-IT, they simply click the deal pack link, which will automatically open FileBound and take them directly to the related deal pack, making retrieval even easier! 

Implementing a Deal Pack solution can deliver the following benefits;

  • Valuable office space can now be utilized for more important purposes as it is freed up.

  • Searching for specific documents that have an impact on customer experience no longer consumes large amounts of time for team members.

  • The retrieval of Deal Packs is improved through Auto-IT integration.

  • Deal Pack files are immediately imaged and shared at every Dealer Location upon creation, ensuring that the right information is available to the right people, wherever and whenever they need it.

  • Quick access to information leads to improved customer service and increased employee satisfaction.

In addition to simplifying the Deal Pack management, FileBound has the ability to revolutionize numerous other business processes. Our clients have seen remarkable improvements in various work processes such as:

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