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FileBound allows you to capture, organise and secure all the information and documents that represents an employees’ history with your organisation.

Employee satisfaction begins with the first interaction

FileBound delivers contract creation and workflow applications that improve the operation of any organisation by connecting users with the correct information they need, when they need it.

With FileBound, customers can deploy automated contract creation and life-cycle management processes and centrally manage contracts to improve compliance, collaboration and access to information. FileBound applications can be deployed locally or as a cloud-based service and have been implemented by organisations of all sizes around the world.

FileBound’s integrations with DocuSign and Dropbox Sign ensures that FileBound customers are able to automate their contract processes using the world’s leading digital signatory service.

See the integration in action

Partnering with FileBound (an official Pronto partner), UpSol makes it easy to combine powerful document and workflow solutions with Pronto Xi to unlock AP automation. Get in touch to see how easy it could be for your organisation to finally take full advantage of Pronto with UpSol.

HR Onboarding Concept Demonstration

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Exception handling

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Exception handling

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Databuild AP automation solution - customer success chat

Watch the video of our latest Customer Success Chat with one of our many Databuild users to hear how they were able to overcome challenges in their Accounts Payable Process. Including why they selected FileBound Solutions as their preferred solutions provider to help remove wasted labour from their Accounts Payable process, and how this helped Drive Success within their business.

Taking this one step further and partnering with Auto-IT, the FileBound Integration Platform will send across the deal pack file link, which is stored against the deal within Auto-IT.  This means when the user has the deal open in Auto-IT, they simply click the deal pack link, which will automatically open FileBound and take them directly to the related deal pack, making retrieval even easier! 

Take a look at the video below for a quick demonstration:

Implementing a Deal Pack solution can deliver the following benefits;

  • Valuable office space will be freed up so it can now be used for higher value purposes.

  • Team members do not have to spend large amounts of time searching for files and specific documents that impact on the customer experience.

  • Enhanced deal pack retrieval via Auto-IT integration.

  • Deal Pack files are imaged and shared at each of the Dealer Locations when created. This puts the right information in the hands of the right people when they need it, where they need it.

  • Immediate access to information improves customer service and increases employee satisfaction.

As well as streamlining the management of your Deal Packs, FileBound can be used to transform literally hundreds of other business processes.  We have clients that have benefitted from transforming the following work processes;

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