Access all student records in one place

Instant access to vital records can be achieved by digitizing paper documentation and integrating separate systems.

Streamline School Administration with Efficient Document Management

Manage your staff and student records with ease and take control of your information using FileBound's suite of solutions. With the help of image capture and electronic forms, you can reduce storage costs and eliminate paper. Bring your information together in one place through intelligent integration of multiple systems. Increase the accessibility and usability of your school's data using a cloud-based platform that can be accessed with any internet-enabled device. FileBound offers all this and more, empowering your school to drive success.

One seamless system

With FileBound's intuitive digital document management system, link various software systems and obtain a comprehensive overview of student accomplishments.

Access anywhere

Easily retrieve crucial information no matter where you are, whether you are working remotely from home, off-campus, or on-the-go.

Reduce the admin

Simplify school administrative tasks such as payments and enrolments with streamlined processes using FileBound solutions. Save valuable time by easily locating documents through a simple search function.


Simplifying School Administration

Transform your school's administration with FileBound's user-friendly solutions. By combining digital imaging, workflow automation, seamless software integration, and easy-access electronic records management, FileBound streamlines all your processes, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Say goodbye to paper-based processes and hello to a simplified and intuitive electronic system that saves you valuable time and resources.

Accounts Payable

By integrating FileBound with your school's accounting system, you can minimize the time and resources required to manage invoice payments.

Human Resources

Get rid of the requirement to store physical records and gain instant access to staff information through a unified, easy-to-use online portal.

Contract Management

Digitize paper documents, establish automated workflows, and conveniently manage vendor and contract data from one centralized location by utilizing FileBound's solutions.


Transform and simplify the enrolment process with FileBound’s suite of solutions. Our electronic forms and document routing streamline the process, while a central storage location for all enrolment data ensures easy access and efficient management.


Enhance financial compliance by utilizing automated workflows that route invoices to the appropriate delegate for approval of payment.

Professional Development

Ensure continuous compliance by keeping track of staff accreditation and training and development activities in one central location for easy monitoring.


All the data you need in one place

FileBound delivers all the information you need in a single dashboard. Having all data in one place means less searching, less processing and more results, for you and for your staff.


Automate Document Routing for Approvals

Transform your school's report writing and account processing with FileBound's powerful document routing and workflow automation tools. Easily create custom workflows to automate the routing of invoices and supporting documentation to designated approvers, as well as collating teacher comments for student report approval. With FileBound's intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, automate manual document handling and provide instant access to critical documents. Streamline your school's processes and eliminate the need for manual tasks with FileBound's seamless automation solutions.


Control Access to your Documents and Records

FileBound's Document Management System (DMS) simplifies document access across locations and devices, while providing strong security and document control measures. Apply security policies to specific applications within the system, such as student and staff files, to regulate access to confidential information. Establish roles within the system to ensure that only authorized personnel can perform certain actions on reports. Additionally, you can manage security rights pertaining to user functionality, such as document editing, printing, or emailing, to bolster security.


Simplify Auditing and Compliance

FileBound simplifies the audit process, enabling your school to comply with legislation, policies and procedures. You can easily keep track of staff accreditation and training with the advanced document management system of FileBound, using Capture to scan and store attendance certificates and qualification documents. Custom workflows can be created to govern critical processes to ensure full compliance. FileBound's user-friendly interface can be utilized to locate and obtain the evidence required for audit investigations and compliance reviews.


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