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Improve the efficiency of construction administration with FileBound's comprehensive digitization, document management, and workflow automation solutions.

Take Full Control of Every Construction Project

Managing a construction or development project from start to finish is a challenging task. With various stakeholders involved, a large amount of paperwork to store and numerous manual processes to complete, document management can be difficult for construction companies. Ellby Group specializes in document management, digitization, workflows, and data integration, and is ready to assist construction companies in eliminating paper for good. Working with builders, developers, and contract managers, Ellby Group provides solutions to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and ensure that every project stays on track.

Access anywhere

Access and review project information remotely, enabling timely decisions and ensuring jobs stay on schedule.

Improved communication

It's effortless to keep everyone informed of the progress by having all essential project documents in a single location.

No more paper

Digitize and electronically track all project documentation to easily access plans, invoices, emails, and contracts.

Who we support

The Ellby Group collaborates with construction teams to provide solutions that optimize productivity, reduce expenses, and enhance the overall experience for your firm, stakeholders, and clients.

Accounts Payable

Our solutions revolutionize accounts payable processes by automating time-consuming tasks such as data entry and validation checks. This streamlines the entire process and frees up your staff to take on more valuable tasks. It also helps your company attract and retain top talent.

Builders & Developers

We collaborate with your organization to minimize paper usage, enhance stakeholder communication, and ensure that every project stays on schedule. This approach can help decrease document management expenses and enable easy access to crucial documents from remote locations.

Contract Managers

Ellby Group implements automated contract creation and life-cycle management processes that are managed centrally, to improve compliance, foster collaboration, and enhance information accessibility.


We Make Digital Transformation a Reality

Ellby Group collaborates with construction firms to simplify access to project-critical documentation by combining process-driven design with advanced digital solutions. Through a comprehensive review of your current processes, we recommend the best digital transformation solutions to meet your needs. We then develop and implement the most suitable solution to enhance efficiency, improve performance, and unleash the full potential of your workforce.


Automate your Accounts for Faster Payment

To automate the accounts payable process, the first step is to digitize all documents to reduce costs and challenges associated with paper documents. By capturing documents digitally upon receipt, manual tasks are eliminated. Automated workflows ensure that the invoice information and payment approvals are controlled from start to finish, allowing the AP staff and approvers to pay suppliers from anywhere. This leads to faster payments, improved supplier relationships, and more opportunities for innovation with staff freed up to add more value to your business.


Digitise Key Documentation for Easy Access

The construction industry has always faced difficulties in managing paper records, ranging from architectural plans to invoice receipts. With our cloud-based solution, we digitize paper documents and make project information available through any internet-enabled device, using a standard browser. This allows project stakeholders to access important information quickly and easily from anywhere, ensuring that projects remain on schedule and within budget.


Maintain Assurance on Every Site

Ellby Group's digital solutions simplify business processes and reduce the increasing compliance burden. Its features such as full search visibility make it effortless to locate critical documentation to support audit activity. Custom workflows with built-in compliance checks guarantee that no task is left behind. Automated routing sends documents directly to designated approvers for sign-off. A list of current certifications and clearances helps maintain assurance, even providing reminders of upcoming expiry dates.


Improve Stakeholder Relationships

With the Ellby Group's digital solutions, keeping everyone updated on the progress of each construction project has never been easier. Critical project documentation is stored in a central repository as digital copies, making it easy to communicate important updates. Automation features streamline the process even further by automatically routing documents for review and approval, based on custom business rules. When important decisions need to be made, Ellby Group's digital solutions facilitate full collaboration with key stakeholders.


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One provider. Multiple benefits.

We tailor our digital transformation and document management solutions to cater to your organization's unique requirements, delivering a host of benefits, such as:

Cost savings

Digitize paper documents to save on storage and record management costs.

Productivity gains

Automate repetitive tasks with digital solutions to free up time for higher-value work.

Enhanced services

Automate the capture of data and routing of documents to enhance your services.

Greater visibility

Get an end-to-end view of your data to make informed decisions.

Improved assurance

Ensure all stakeholders have required approvals and certifications, regardless of location.

Greater visibility

Gain a comprehensive perspective on your data to detect patterns and make informed decisions.

Simplified search

Access all project documents easily, including plans and bills of lading.

Control contracts

Implement contract creation and life cycle management processes.

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