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PSIcapture Mailroom is an ideal solution for distributed team environments, allowing for efficient document indexing and validation. With quality assurance and indexing capabilities accessible from any compatible internet browser, PSIfusion ensures smooth and reliable document management for your team.

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How Mailroom Works

PSIcapture Mailroom is the perfect solution for teams that operate in different locations as it allows documents to be securely processed from anywhere. To maintain security and compliance, the system adopts a team-based organizational structure with designated supervisors. This makes managing document queues an effortless and efficient process.

With Mailroom's built-in barcode generator and seamless integration with PSIcapture, you can take full advantage of the sophisticated capture functionality of PSIcapture in front-end processing. The system provides a straightforward and streamlined path to export data to PSIcapture.

Watch the video showcasing PSIcapture's simple and user-friendly web-based indexing options. It's easy to see why many organizations with distributed or multi-site environments prefer PSIcapture Mailroom over other products.


Automatically queues documents that have been captured by PSIcapture.

Index & Validate

Authorised users are able to perform manual indexing or validate automatically extracted data.


Processed documents are rerouted to the organisation’s ECM system.

Why is Distributed Indexing and QA Important?

PSIfusion offers a secure document processing solution that is accessible from any location, making it an ideal choice for teams operating in distributed environments. The system works by queuing documents captured by PSIcapture for specific team members to access. Authorised users can manually index or validate automatically extracted data before routing the processed documents to the organisation's ECM system. To ensure security and compliance, PSIfusion employs a team-level organisation with designated supervisors overseeing the document queues, which simplifies the process of managing them.

Index Scanned Documents Remotely.

PSIfusion offers a range of robust features with a focus on simplicity and power. It allows for auto-routing of documents captured by PSIcapture to designated queues in PSIfusion. End-users can then verify information or perform lookups to fill in missing data. Below are some of the benefits of PSIfusion:

  • Quality assurance and indexing can be done through the web client interface in PSIfusion, allowing for easy access and collaboration among team members.

  • PSIfusion supports the use of database-linked fields for queries and drop-down menus, enabling users to quickly find and input relevant information.

  • The full image viewer in PSIfusion offers various features, such as thumbnail views, rotate buttons, drag and drop functionality, as well as delete page and delete document options.

  • PSIfusion employs a security model that uses team organization with designated supervisors, ensuring compliance and protection of sensitive information.

  • With the help of supervisors, document queues in PSIfusion can be managed, moved, and assigned to specific team members for efficient processing.

Our cutting-edge solution is built natively with HTML5, which extends the capability of distributed teams to work from anywhere. It also significantly expands device and screen compatibility to provide a powerful and seamless experience for users.

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