Advanced Document Capture Software

PSIcapture goes beyond simple document scanning and digitization, providing advanced capabilities for capturing and extracting data from a wide range of documents. It is a comprehensive document capture solution designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations.

Read the Microsoft Case Study – The paper problem faced by Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) division required a solution, which was provided by PSIcapture. Discover how PSIcapture tackled the issue of the continuously expanding paper-based challenge.

“Retrieving files was a lengthy and complicated process,” said Joe Do, Microsoft Program Manager for Corporate Records and Contract Automation.”

How PSIcapture Works

PSIcapture stands out by its capability to seamlessly integrate with any scanning device and communicate information to over 60 ECM systems, which is important since organisations utilise a variety of scanning devices and document management software that may evolve over time. Regardless of the company's size and distribution, whether it is a small office with 10 employees or a large enterprise with 500 spread across various locations, PSIcapture streamlines document workflows for greater ease and efficiency.

PSIcapture offers an ideal document capture solution that is competitively priced, truly scalable, and uniquely versatile. It provides a single capture platform that meets all the needs of an organization, including document scanning and import, forms processing, data capture, OCR/ICR data extraction, and migration of information into a document repository.

What is document scanning or capture?

PSIcapture offers high-speed and high-accuracy document capture, capable of ingesting almost any document from various sources such as high-speed scanners, MFPs, and watched folders.

Extract & Classify

Efficiently extract necessary data and classify documents by type with powerful automation tools that won't impede your production process.


Transfer (or publish) your data to a wide range of Document Management, Line of Business, and ECM Systems, using load files or direct connections, with ease through PSIcapture.

Why Choose PSIcapture?

PSIcapture was designed with the practical needs of businesses in mind, offering advanced document capture and data extraction features. The provided tools allow businesses to streamline their information, regardless of its format, including physical documents, digital files, and incoming faxes. The important information is extracted and converted to searchable PDFs, then efficiently routed to a digital repository.

This is not simply a matter of converting paper documents into digital format, but rather the process of transforming your data into valuable information that can enhance the efficiency of your business operations.

Built for Ever-Changing Business Needs.

Thriving businesses recognize the significance of adapting and enhancing their operational procedures to stay up-to-date with evolving customer demands and improve their efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

PSIcapture software is designed with the essential business strategy of adapting to the evolving needs of successful businesses. Our development of software features takes into account these changing requirements to ensure that PSIcapture remains relevant and effective for businesses seeking to enhance their efficiency and profitability.

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