Flow Integration

Flow Software offers a cost-effective and seamless solution for businesses looking to share data and automate business processes without having to invest significantly in new software applications or data structures. With Flow Software, your business can accomplish IT system integration in a highly efficient manner.

Flow Software is a top provider of IT integration services and has streamlined the process of configuring systems integration for quicker and more efficient results. Whether your business is a small startup or a large enterprise, Flow is adaptable and can accommodate your growth. With Flow, you can be assured of a cutting-edge technology solution that is packed with features and delivers exceptional value.

Connect to Technologies

Flow offers an integration platform that is built upon Technology Connectors, which allows you to seamlessly integrate any application, API, file exchange, or database. With Technology Connectors, you can easily configure databases, files, web services, and program libraries (such as Assemblies and COM objects) through a graphical interface.

Conventional integration platforms often require application connectors as add-ons, which limit integration to predefined paths that may not suit your unique business needs.

Connect to your applications

Flow's Application Adapters utilize Technology Connectors to provide a quick start to integration while also being fully customizable to meet your specific business needs.

Unlike traditional integration software that provides pre-built configurations for interfacing with specific software packages, Application Adapters in Flow are fully customizable while still providing pre-built configurations to get started quickly.

  • You can either develop your own Application Adapters or collaborate with the community to share them.

  • Integrate Application Adapters directly into your software with the FlowAPI.

  • Design your integrations visually with a graphical interface.

  • Enjoy the benefits of both graphical configuration and coding to create your integration solution.

  • Our platform offers a unique combination of graphical configuration for ease of use and coding for ultimate flexibility.

  • Utilize existing integration code developed in .Net or other COM languages.

  • Cut down on both time and cost needed to deploy integration solutions.

The Flow integration platform enables you to focus solely on writing the code required to map and transform data across various databases, files, and web services (SOAP/REST). Meanwhile, the tedious tasks of logging, reporting, exception handling, transaction handling, and communication are automatically taken care of by the Flow integration platform.

Take control of your data transformation

Does your mapping need more than bamboo lines and a limited set of functions?

  • With Flow's integrated scripting engine, you can have precise control over data manipulation operations.

  • The script code is compiled into the Flow application, ensuring maximum performance.

  • Utilize pre-existing integration code developed in .NET or other COM languages.

  • Modify your configuration at runtime in a dynamic manner.

When dealing with intricate data manipulation requirements, traditional graphical mapping tools that create a confusing network of lines between mapped fields can be restrictive. With Flow, you can break free from the limitations of simply drag-and-drop mapping and have complete command over the mapping and transformation of data.

Reporting and Notifications

  • Generate user reports, forms, labels, and notifications with ease

  • Utilize the robust built-in report writer to design your own customized reports, forms, labels, and email notifications

  • Distribute dynamic reports through multiple channels, including printers, email, and websites

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