Automate the Creation, Distribution, and Filing of Transactional Forms

FileBound eForms are mobile accessible and can capture your data via a HTML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft word or Adobe PDF based form.

In order to drive down operational costs in business processes, current strategies involve exploring opportunities for automation and creating self-service front-end data entry applications. One way to consider this is by looking at how online commerce transactions take place, such as making a reservation, requesting information, or making a purchase. In these instances, the user is presented with a form in which they enter the required data and submit it.

Using electronic forms in FileBound to capture data eliminates the need for paper documents, resulting in a reduction in operational costs associated with processing forms.

Organizations using manual paper forms face high expenses in distribution and management, resulting in increased operational costs. FileBound's integrated content management solutions offer a framework for automating these processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

With the FileBound Electronic Forms System, you can effortlessly develop and maintain a collection of forms that can be utilized to automate the generation, distribution, and organization of transactional forms. These forms can be tailored to your preferences and created in various formats, such as Microsoft Word, HTML, or Excel documents. Additionally, you can easily make them available on both the FileBound platform and external websites or portals.

Once forms are completed, they can be securely stored and easily retrieved within the FileBound system. Additionally, forms can trigger automated workflow processes based on preconfigured business rules. The data entered in the forms can also be extracted to populate other systems or databases, and can be utilized to generate customized reports.

When paired with the automated workflow, the e-Forms module of the FileBound Enterprise Document Management Solution enhances the system's capabilities and enables the creation of highly efficient Business Process Automation solutions.

Some use cases for FileBound eForms include:

  • Job Applications

  • Incident Report Forms

  • Information Request Forms

  • Purchase Requisitions

  • HR: Leave Applications

  • Online Order Forms

  • Employee Onboarding Checklists

  • Service Request Forms

  • Online Credit Applications

  • Automatically Generated Employee Review Forms

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