AI-Driven Intelligent Document Processing with Ephesoft Transact

Utilise the power of Ephesoft Transact and the Semantik AI Engine to quickly capture vast volumes of documents and extract their data in an unmatched speed. Boost your business operations, maximise productivity, and witness fast return on investment.

How Ephesoft Transact Works

Ephesoft Transact and Semantik AI Engine function by utilising advanced AI and machine learning techniques to convert unorganised data into organised information, a critical procedure in the current data-centric business landscape.

Why IDP Matters

Intelligent Document Processing is a software solution that gleans vital information from digital and physical documents using data capture technology.

Here are the stages involved in Ephesoft's intelligent document processing system:

Document Capture

Ephesoft's platform accommodates documents from various sources, including digital forms such as PDFs and emails, as well as scanned physical documents.


With advanced AI algorithms, it can recognise and classify documents based on their types – like invoices, contracts, or forms – irrespective of their format or their structural arrangement.

Data Extraction

Ephesoft's system goes an extra mile to pull out essential data fields within these documents. With machine learning, the software progressively enhances, becoming more precise in identifying and extracting the required information.


The data extracted then goes through a verification process to confirm its accuracy.


Lastly, the verified data is transitioned into an organised format that other systems, such as ERP or CRM systems, can easily absorb. This converts previously unreachable content into meaningful, actionable data.

Why Choose Ephesoft Transact Semantik AI Engine?

Ephesoft's Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is a software service that uses data capture technology to extract vital information from both digital and physical documents. It presents an ideal approach to simplifying your document management process.

By harnessing this advanced technology, you can achieve substantial competitive benefits such as:

  • Uncomplicated assurance of data privacy and compliance with regulations

  • Wide-ranging and scalable document processing capabilities

  • Increased savings in terms of both time and financial resources

  • Boosted efficiency, leading to satisfied employees

  • A robust foundation for initiating digital transformation endeavours

How does Ephesoft Transact differentiate from other capture products on the market?

Ephesoft distinguishes itself from other capture products with its groundbreaking application of AI and machine learning technologies for superior data extraction precision and effectiveness. Its scalable cloud-native architecture uniquely suits businesses aiming to process large quantities of documents quickly and securely.

Here are some distinctive features that make Ephesoft an exceptional capture product:

  • Comprehensive document automation, compatible with any document in any format

  • Easily customizable, and adaptable to your business's evolving needs

  • Ready-to-use APIs for straightforward integration

  • Advanced categorization for swift deployment

  • Complete and established capture workflow

  • Precise recognition of handwriting

  • Options for cloud, hybrid, or on-premises setup providing flexibility for any enterprise

  • User-friendly browser interface - no installation required, with minimal training needed

Product Differentiators

Providing Accuracy, Simplicity, Immediate Value

Universal Document Automation

Any Document, Any Format

Easy to Customise

Adaptive to Needs

Ready to Use APIs

Easy to Integrate

Advanced Classification

Quick Deployment

Full, Mature Capture Workflow

Easily build your own workflow

Cloud, Hybrid or On-premises

Flexibility for any enterprise

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