Sales Order Automation for Pronto Xi

Accelerate accounts receivable efficiencies with sales order automation into Pronto xi.s. As FileBound Solutions is an Authorised Pronto Solution Partner, FileBound can deliver document and workflow automation that enhances the operation of any organisation by connecting users with the information they need to work more proficiently and successfully.

Following on from the success that customers uncover with the integration of FileBound Pronto AP Automation Solutions, another benefit of being a FileBound customer is that the same workflow platform can be used to reduce manual data entry for Pronto Sales Orders. Being a Pronto customer means that you can use FileBound to automatically extract Purchase Order data, validate information, and create a Sales Order directly in Pronto via the Pronto Sales APIs. As a result of integration, your organisation can significantly reduce data entry and provide valuable time back to Customer Experience team members to handle and prioritise high-value tasks.

Are you looking to streamline your Pronto Sales Order process?


FileBound & Pronto help to streamline processes for your organisation to save time, reduce costs and boost efficiency - whether part of a broad-ranging information management initiative or a localised project-based one. Find benefits of integrating Sales Order Automation with Pronto X.i below:

Remove bottlenecks

Streamlining processes ensures that invoices are paid on time and with minimal effort, removing the need to pass paper around, match invoices to POs or chase down approvals.

Easy access

Approvers can access invoices routed to them via their mobile devices, allowing timely approvals from anywhere, at any time. Whether in the office, away travelling, or working from home.

Increased visibility

Advanced analytics expose data about transaction volumes, financial liabilities and vendor interactions to identify areas for improvement and assist with decision making.

Improve service

Eliminate missing and duplicate invoices that lead to missed, late or duplicate payments. The result: happier suppliers, happier team members and fewer service calls.

Reduce costs and delays

Invoices enter the FileBound solution quickly, are routed automatically, and are accessible from anywhere, reducing resource costs and eliminating the need to manage paper files.

Free up space

FileBound takes the paper out of your office, freeing up valuable physical space by storing documents electronically and reducing the costs of moving, filing, securing and storing paper.

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