UNlock AP efficiency with FileBound & Pronto Xi

Automate manual processes and simplify your operations to save time, cut costs and improve your financial position.

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Make the most of your technology (and your people)

Integrating FileBound and Pronto Xi not only streamlines your processes - it also frees up your people. Without the need to undertake manual processes, your team can turn their attention to more high-value work, opening up opportunities for your business to better service your clients and to scale and grow. It’s the integration solution where everyone wins.

Digital approvals

Enable digital approvals to move invoices and documents easily between locations.

Mobile access

Manage invoices and seek approvals wherever you are with a convenient mobile app.

Intelligent capture

Scan in paper invoices for instant digital access, without the need for manual data entry.

Custom workflows

Create automated workflows to route documents and set exceptions handling procedures.

AP Automation in action FileBound & Pronto

Stage 1

Step 1 Document capture

Invoice data is captured in FileBound. Files can be scanned in, emailed, forwarded by SMS or information can be extracted and populated using our data capture tools.

Stage 2

Data Validation

Invoice data is put into an automated workflow for action. This includes validation and matching activities to ensure data integrity and document accuracy.

Stage 3

Step 3 Invoice Approval

Invoice data is captured in FileBound. Files can be scanned in, emailed or information can be extracted and populated using our data capture tools.

Stage 4

Data Migration

Approved invoices are transferred to Pronto to instantly update accounting records. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures up-to-date financial data.

Stage 5

Storage & Access

Approved invoices are stored in UpSol’s secure document management system for future digital access, streamlining the compliance process and saving valuable storage space.

The implementation of FileBound has provided many benefits. It has made the accounts payable staff more productive and reduced their stress which has increased their wellbeing. We often joke that FileBound will increase the users joy by 24%

Scott Whitwell

CET Development Manager


Pronto FileBound Solution Demonstration

Get the most from your move to AP automation, invest in a fully customisable solution that will deliver huge savings to your organisation. We’ll work with you to deliver a 100% bespoke process.

See the integration in action

Partnering with FileBound (an official Pronto partner), UpSol makes it easy to combine powerful document and workflow solutions with Pronto Xi to unlock AP automation. Get in touch to see how easy it could be for your organisation to finally take full advantage of Pronto with UpSol.

Document Capture

1:08 min

Workflow Automation and Supplier Matching

0:33 min

Exception handling

1:08 min


Accounts payable integration features

Data extraction

  • Extraction of data from invoices

  • Line-item capture (optional)

  • Auto-coding of invoices

  • Fast invoice entry receipting

Invoicing & Documentation

  • Automatic invoice creation in Pronto*

  • Pronto “Quick link” to invoice in FileBound

  • Shipping documentation

  • Peppol eInvoicing

Data Matching

  • PO Matching

  • Supplier validation

  • 3-way match

  • 2-way match

Data handling

  • DOA approval process

  • Multiple entities

  • Multiple data sets


  • Foreign currency invoices

  • Project financials processing

  • Fraud prevention (bank details check)

Optional extras

  • Sales Order Automation

  • Supplier Onboarding

  • CapEx Forms/Approvals

  • HR Forms/Approvals

  • Contract Management/Renewals

*Pronto version must be v740 or higher for API integration

Our solution

Still unsure of how it works?

In reality, it’s not all that difficult. UpSol are experts in streamlining manual processes for Kiwi businesses and we have the experience, skills and knowledge to make the transition as easy as possible. Partnering with leading solutions providers, we’ll work with you to develop an AP automation solution that delivers time and cost savings from day 1.

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Book a demo to see how you can take full advantage of all the benefits of AP automation by integrating Pronto Xi with FileBound.

Frequently asked questions

Integrating UpSol with Pronto Xi offers almost unlimited potential for automating your AP process. To help you weigh up the benefits for your organisation, here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about integrating Pronto Xi with UpSol.

Is there a return on investment when automating your accounts payable process?

Yes, this is designed to simplify and automate complex and manual processes. FileBound eliminates laborious data entry, automatically routes invoices to approvers and seamlessly integrates with into your Pronto ERP to save your business time, frustrations, and money.

Can you automate other processes in our business outside of accounts payable?

Yes, we can automate a number of functions within your business and offer a range of solutions to address administrative issues in a number of industries and functions like HR On-boarding, contract management, digitising health records, document, and records management to name a few.

Can you integrate into Pronto ERP?

FileBound seamlessly integrates with Pronto and some of the world’s leading applications to further streamline your business. From leading ERP Solutions like Pronto and cloud accounting applications through to digital signature and other industry or function specific software, FileBound enhances your existing tools to unlock the true potential of your organisation.

How do you manage your projects and ensure we get a successful outcome?

We are genuinely committed to the success of every organisation. That’s why we created a range of programs to support you. Our Project, Customer and Partner Success Programs are designed to ensure that our clients received a successful outcome on all our projects.

Are you a New Zealand based business?

Absolutely! We have a small team in New Zealand and, as part of the Ellby Group of Companies (leaders in business automation in the Asia Pacific region), are supported by a team of 35+ from our Head Office in Brisbane, Australia. You'll receive expertise and support from both sides of the Tasman.

What hours do you operate?

New Zealand business hours and out of hours upon request.

Do you only offer cloud solutions?

We support cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions.

Can you provide cloud-based OCR (optical character recognition) and capture technologies?

Yes, our Capture offering is a named CloudCap and its advanced document capture and data extraction features were developed with the real needs of businesses in mind. The tools provided through CloudCap allow your company to streamline information extracting the crucial elements to convert them into searchable PDFs and route them to a digital repository.